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Besan, also known as Gram Flour, Chickpea Flour, or Garbanzo Bean Flour, is a pulse flour made from ground Chickpeas (Chick Peas). It is used in many countries and is a staple ingredient in Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Nepali cuisines. Gram flour can be made from both raw Chickpeas and/or roasted Chickpeas. It is more flavoursome when made from roasted Chickpeas and can be quite bitter when made from raw Chickpeas.

When Besan is made to a paste with water or yogurt, it can be used as a facial exfoliant. When mixed with an equal proportion of water, it can be utilised as an egg replacer in vegan cooking.

Besan contains a high proportion of carbohydrates, no gluten, and has a high proportion of protein compared to other flours.