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Easy Cook Long Grain Rice - TildaClick image to enlarge

Easy Cook Long Grain Rice - Tilda

Easy Cook Long Grain Rice - Tilda

(Ref: RFG013-p)

Price from: 0.95

Easy Cook Long Grain Rice - Tilda - 500g - 0.95
Easy Cook Long Grain Rice - Tilda - 5kg - 7.45
Easy Cook Long Grain Rice - Tilda - 10kg - 12.95

Net / Pack sizes: 500g, 5kg, 10kg

Tilda Easy Cook Long Grain Rice is grown in rich fertile soil and a climate that provides the perfect growing environment for Long Grain rice. This versatile rice makes an excellent accompaniment to any savoury dish. The rice has been pre-steamed to seal in the goodness and to make sure you always get fluffy, separate grains every time you cook.

Cooking Method - Open Pan:

Bring a large pan of water to the boil. Add a pinch of salt if desired. Add the rice, return to the boil, then stir. Cover and simmer for 15 -20 minutes. Drain well and serve.

Milled and packed in the UK. Store in a cool, dry place.
Packed in UK

•  Manufacturer (or, UK Distributor / Reseller) :

    PO Box 550
    RM13 9AE

"Dear Spices of India, Though I first saw this website a couple of months ago, I was still not comfortable ordering food online. I thought it is not the best way to do. Finally when I grew desperate and got fed up searching for Priya Pickles in the local departmental stores, I thought i will give it a shot. I was thinking the parcel would arrive after 2 days. Guess what!? It arrives the very next day with all the ingredients packed neatly.Thanks a lot to you guys for making this so simple. Now on, I know where to go when i miss home food!!"

- Sabah