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Aluminium KadaiClick image to enlarge

Aluminium Kadai

Aluminium Kadai

(Ref: KTW138-p)

Price from: 9.95

(Including VAT at 20%)

Select Size:
Aluminium Kadai 11" - No.6 - 9.95
Aluminium Kadai 12" - No.8 - 11.95
Aluminium Kadai 12.5" - No.10 - 14.95
Aluminium Kadai 14" - No.12 - 19.95
Aluminium Kadai 16" - No.14 - 26.95
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Available in 11", 12", 12.5", 14" and 16" diameters.

16" has a 6 litre capacity.

Think of the No.8 - 12" as your average Wok size...

"ALUMINIUM is the best metal next to Gold & Platinum for cooking, it is even better than Silver" - British Medical Journal.

This authentic Aluminium Kadai is made from the highly conductive aluminium. The heavy gauge aluminium used allows even distribution of heat on the bottom and up the sides of the pots with no hot-spots. The surface does not interact with or alter the colour of food.
Key features:

  • Made from heavy gauge aluminium

  • Strong & thick aluminium handles

  • Diffuses heat fast

  • Not spoilt by high heat

  • Works efficiently on low, medium and high heats

  • Cooks food faster and crisper

  • No. 14 - 16" Kadai holds a massive 6 litres!

  • Specification:

    Our Aluminium Kadai is available in 5 sizes:

    No. 626.5cm/10½"9cm/3½"2.0L
    No. 829cm/11&frac;12"10cm/4"2.5L
    No. 1032cm/12½"11.5cm/4½"3.5L
    No. 1235cm/14"12cm/4¾"4.5L
    No. 1440cm/16"14cm/5½"6.0L

    • The aluminium on each Kadai is 3mm thick

    • This Kadai has a rounded base

    • The No.14 Kadai is 4" BIGGER than a standard 12" wok and can hold a massive 6 litres!

    • Please note: This product is 'Cast Aluminium' - Every pan will vary slightly due to the nature of the Casting Process.

    To get the most from your Kadai:

  • Before using your Kadai for the first time, wash, rinse and dry thoroughly

  • Never heat the Kadai when it is empty

  • Do not put a hot Kadai under the tap

  • Product of India.
    •  Manufacturer (or, UK Distributor / Reseller) :

        Spices of India
        Cedar Trade Park
        Cobham Road
        Ferndown Industrial Estate
        Dorset, UK
        BH21 7SD

    "Dear Spices of India, Hi, Just received order and wish to thank you for prompt service. Had searched Internet for this item with all links going to amazon's no longer available Masala Dabba. So you can guess my delight when I stumbled upon spicesofindia and the chance to order a genuine Masala Dabba as a present for my girlfriend who recently joined an India cookery class and was disappointed to find that the tutor could not advise on purchasing a Masala Dabba. She will be so pleased now, a BIG Thank You Spicesofindia."

    - Ron Wilson