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Recipe for Chinese Duck

Recipe for Chinese Duck

Recipe for Chinese Duck

(Ref: RCP018)

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A simple and tasty way to prepare and cook up a storm with a duck, some store cupboard ingredients and a jar of Horners Aftermath Chilli Jam...



Preparation Time:

15 mins

Cooking Time:

2 hours


Whole Duck - 1
 Water, boiled - 1 litre
 Red Wine Vinegar - 3 tbsps
 Fresh Ginger, quartered - 20 cm
 Star Anise - 4
 Horners Aftermath Chilli Jam - 4 tbsps 


• Wash the duck inside and out, ensure the guts are removed and pat dry with kitchen paper.

• Combine the boiled water in a jug with the red wine vinegar and slowly pour this over the duck. Then tip the fluid back into the jug and repeat several times. This will remove the greasiness of the skin.

• With a sharp pointed knife make a couple of dozen incisions about 1cm deep over the duck breast and legs.

• Spread 2 tbsps Horners Aftermath Chilli Jam over the skin of the duck and place the ginger and star anise inside the cavity of the duck. Cover in foil and place in the oven for 45 minutes on the middle shelf.

• Remove from the oven and spread the remaining 2 tbsps Horners Aftermath Chilli Jam over the duck and place back into the oven uncovered.

• Once cooked, remove from oven and allow to rest for at least 15 minutes before carving.


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