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Recipe for Fried Rice

Recipe for Fried Rice

Recipe for Fried Rice

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Fried Rice is a common Chinese dish which is also made in some parts of Asia. This is one of the quickest Rice items one can think of with packed nutrition. As the Vegetables here are stir fried it retains its colour and food values. Fried Rice and Veg Manchurian is a mouth-watering combination for many kids and also can go into your lunchbox menu with some tomato Ketchup!



Preparation Time:


Cooking Time:



Basmati Rice - 1 cup
 Green Chillies finely chopped - 2 
 Ginger Paste - 1 tsp (optional) 
 Spring Onions - 2 or 3
 Green Peppers - ½ cup
 Carrot finely chopped - ½ cup
 Egg - 1
 Soya Sauce - 3 tsp
 Pepper Powder - 2 tsp
 Ajinomoto - 1 tsp
 Salt to taste
 Oil - 2 tbsp


• Cook Rice in a saucepan by adding 1½ cups of water and let it cool.

• Heat Oil in a pan, add Ginger Paste, Green Chillies, white part of the Spring Onions, Oepper and fry for a minute.

• Next add Carrots and Beans and stir fry till they are cooked but crunchy. Then add an Egg and further stir fry.

• To this add Salt, Pepper, Soya Sauce and Ajinomoto and fry further for a min. Lastly add cooked Rice and green part of the Spring Onions and mix well.
Fried Rice is ready to be served with Veg/Gobi Manchurian or just with Ketchup!

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