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Glossary of Indian Food Terms (A-C)

Aam Mango
Aam (Pakka) Mango (ripe)
Aamchur, Amchoor, Amchur Mango powder
Aarhoo, Aaru, Aadu, Aadoo, Adoo Peach
Achaar, Aachar Pickle
Adrak, Adhrak Ginger
Ajmoda, Ajmud Parsley
Ajwain ke Phool Thyme
Ajwain, Ajowain Carom Seeds, Thyme, Caraway Seeds, Lovage Seeds
Akhrot, Akhroat, Akroot, Akrot Walnuts
Aloo, Alu, Aaloo Potato.
Aloobukara, Aloo-bukhaara, Alubhukhara Plum
Alsi, Jawas, Tishi Flax Seeds, Linseed
Alu chole Vegetarian dish with chickpeas, potatoes and tamarind.
Amla, Aamla Indian gooseberry (very high in Vitamin C)
Amrood, Amrood, Amroodh, Amrud Guava
Ananas, Ananaas, Annanas Pineapple
Anar, Anaar Pomegranate
Anardhana, Anaar Dana Pomegranate seeds
Anas phal Star Anise
Anda Egg
Angoor Grapes
Aniseed Sanuf.
Anjeer or Anjir Fig
Arandi, Erandi Castor
Ara-root, Paniphal, Tikora Arrow-root
Arbi, Arvi, Suran Colocasia
Areca Betel nut.
Arhar Dal Pigeon Pea, Split red gram
Arvi ka saag Colocassia leaves
Asafoetida Hing. Gum obtained from root of giant fennel-like plant. Mainly used in powder form in South Indian cooking.
Aserio Aniseed.
Atta, Ata Chapatti flour. Fine wholemeal flour used to make Indian breads.
Bada Nimbu Lemon
Badai Aniseed stars.
Badam, Badaam Almonds
Badi Elaichi Black/Brown/Big Cardamom
Badiyan, Chakri Phool Star Anise
Baer, Ber, Bor Berries of the Indian Jujube/Zizyphus
Baingan Brinjal, Aubergine, Eggplant
Bajra, Bajara, Bajri Millet Flour / Pearl Millet Flour
Bakla Broad Beans
Bakri ka Gosht Mutton
Band Gobhi, Patta Gobhi Cabbage
Barfi, Burfi Indian Fudge with condensed milk and other ingredients such as Pistachio and Almonds
Bari Mirch Green pepper, Capsicum
Basmati, Basmati Chawal Long grain rice from the Himalayan Foothills
Belan, Chakla belan Rolling Pin
Besan Bengal Gram flour, Chick Pea Flour
Bhagona Indian cooking pot with lid
Bhaji, Bhajji, Bhajee Deep fried vegetable pattie ie Onion Bhaji or Dy mild vegetable dish
Bhang Hemp
Bhare, Bharua Stuffed
Bharta or Bhurta Mash or puree
Bhatma Soya bean
Bhature, Bhat Deep fried Maida flat bread
Bhein, Bhain, Bhen, Kamal Kakri Lotus Root/Stem
Bhindi Okra, Lady's Finger
Bhoona, Bhuna The process of 'stir-frying' the spice paste in hot oil. Bhoona curries are generally 'dryish' and cooked in coconut
Bhuna Pan fried or Pan roasted dish
Bhuna chana Roasted gram dal
Bhunana Roast
Bhurta or Bharta Mash
Bhutta, Bhutta Sabut, Makka Corn on the cob, Maize
Bindi, Bindhi Okra. ('Ladies Fingers')
Biriani Rice baked with meat or vegetable
Boda Double beans
Bombay potato Small whole potatoes in curry and tomato sauce.
Boti kebab Marinated lamb cubes - cooked in a tandoor oven.
Bumallo or Bombil Bombay Duck' - A smallish fish native to the Bombay area known locally as Bommaloe Macchi. This was too hard for the British to pronounce so it became Bombay Duck. It is dried and appears on the table as a crispy deep fried starter or accompaniment to a curry.
Bundhi, Boondi Small fried savoury drops made from gramflour
Buttak, Battak Duck
Cassia A 'corky' bark with a sweet fragrance (similar to cinnamon). Used extensively in Northern Indian cooking. Normally removed before the dish is consumed
Cayenne pepper A variation of chilli powder
Chaach, Chachm Chaas, Chas Butter Milk
Chaamp Chop (as in Lamb chop)
Chachinda, Chirchira Snake gourd
Chacundar, Chichinda, Chichonda, Chukander Beetroot
Chai Hot tea
Chakku, Chaku Knife
Chakla Stone rolling board
Chakutra Grapefruit
Chalni, Chhalni Sieve
Chamcha Large spoon or ladle
Chana Bengal Gram
Chana Dal Split Bengal Gram
Chana Kala Black Chick pea
Chandi, Varak, Varq Edible beaten Silver, mainly used for decorating Methi/Indian Sweets
Chane ka Saag (leaves) Bengal Gram leaves
Chapatti, Chapati, Chupatti, Roti Indian unleavened thin bread cooked on Tawa/Tava/Griddle
Charoli, Charonji Piyal seeds
Chashni, Sheera Sugar Syrup
Chat-pata, Chatpata Savory
Chauli, Chaulai, Chavlerr, Chowli, Chowlai, Ramdana Amaranth (leaves or grain)
Chawal (Chaval) ka atta Rice flour
Chawli, Chowli, Lobhia Black Eyed Beans
Cheekoo, Chikoo Sapodilla Plum or Sapota
Cheeni, Chini, Shakkar Sugar
Chhuara Dry Dates
Chikki A form of 'brittle', commonly made with peanuts, cashewnuts or sesame seeds
Chilgoza, Nioze Pine Nuts
Chilka Peel or Rind or Skin
Chimta Tongs, Prongs
Chironghi, Chirongi, Charauli Soft Pistachio nuts. Used a lot in Sweets, Puddings and Pullaos
Chironji Sunflower seeds
Chole, Channa Garbanzo beans
Cholia, Hara Chana Chickpeas (green)
Chor magaz, Char magaz Melon seeds. Often used as a thickener
Chota akhrot Chestnut
Choti Ilaichi or Elaichi Green cardamom
Choti Saunf Anise Seed
Chuara (Chu-a-ra) Dried Dates
Chukka Bhaji, Chukka Leaves Red sorrel leaves
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