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Glossary of Indian Food Terms (D-F)

Daab Tender Coconut
Dahi Curd or Yoghurt
Dahi ka Pani Whey
Dahi Wala dish 'with yoghurt'
Dal, Dhal Pulse, lentil, legume, beans, peas etc.
Dalchini Cinnamom, Cassia Bark
Dalchini Cinnamon - The dried bark of the cinnamon tree - very aromatic. Related, and sometimes confused, with Cassia
Dalia Cracked or Broken wheat (like Bulgar Wheat)
Danthal Drumstick
Dewa Lentils
Dhania, Dhanyia, Kothamalli Coriander (Cilantro) - used in Leave, Whole seed and Ground seed form in most Indian dishes
Dhansak Chicken or meat dish cooked in a lentil puree.
Dhansak Parsi curry with lentils
Dhingri, Khumbi, Goochi Mushroom
Dhoodh, Doodh Milk
Dhungar, Tarka Tempering (Tarka) with Mustard Seeds, Cumin and Garlic etc. in hot oil
Do piaza, Doopiaza A traditional meat dish. Do means 'double' and Piaza means 'onion'. It gets its name because onions appear twice in the cooking process.
Doodh Milk
Doodhi, Dudhi Bottle Gourd/Indian Sweet Gourd
Dosa, Dosai South Indian pancakes made from rice and lentil flour. Normally served filled with Potatoes or Vegetables.
Dum Steam cooking or Pressure Cooking.
Elaichi, Ilaichi Cardamom. Most common type are Green and Brown (also known Black/Large)
Farsi, Flas French beans
Firni Rice flour pudding
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