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Glossary of Indian Food Terms (P-R)

Paalak, Palak, Sag, Saag Spinach
Paan, Pan Betel leaves
Paani Water
Paaya, Paya Trotter
Pakane ka Soda, Pakane Wala Baking soda, Soda bicarbonate
Pakora Vegetable, Meat or Cheese coated in spicy chickpea batter and deep fried (Similar to Bhaji)
Panch Phoran A mixture of five spices used in Bengali vegetable cooking (Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Mustard and Onion Seeds)
Paneer Indian Cottage Cheese
Paneer, Chenna Cheese similar to small curd cheese (Cottage Cheese)
Pani Water
Paniphal, Tikora Arrowroot
Papad khar Sodium benzoate
Papad, Papar, Papadam, Popadom Thin urid dal flour wafers, deep fried or baked.
Papeeta, Papita Papaya
Paplet Pomfret
Paprika Mild red pepper powder made from capsicums. Originally from Hungary, used to give red colour to dishes
Paratha Bread fried in ghee on the griddle
Pasanda Meat (Lamb, Mutton, Beef, Goat) cooked in one piece
Patha Bhaji Leafy greens
Patna Long grain rice
Patra Colocasia leaf
Patta Gobi, Patha Gobi Cabbage
Patta Subzi Leafy Vegetables
Pav, Paav, Pao Bun
Pawa, Pava, Pauwa, Poha, Chiwda Flakes of rice or flattened rice
Phal, phall Extremely hot curry (invented by Western restaurateurs)
Phali, Pharas French beans
Phitkari Alum
Piaz, Peeaz, Pyaz, Piyaaz Onion
Pilau, Pilaf, Pulao Rice cooked with aromatic spices and other ingredients
Pisi Cheeni Castor Sugar
Pista Pistachio nut
Podina, Pudhina, Pudina Peppermint leaves
Poori, Puri Airy, deep-fried unleavend bread which puffs up when cooked
Powa, Poha Pressed/Beaten rice/Flattened Rice
Pukka Ripe
Pyaaz Kali Pearl Onions
Quas Chawal, Kesar Chaval Rice fried in ghee, flavoured and coloured with saffron.
Rai, Raai, Raee, Sarson Mustard Seeds
Raita A cooling chutney dip made with yoghurt and flavoured with mint, Cucumber and/or coriander
Rajama, Rajma Red kidney beans
Ran, Raan Leg
Ras, Rasa, Rasam Gravy/Juice
Rasgulla Semolina and cream cheese balls cooked in sugary syrup and served warm or cold
Rasmalai Rasgullas cooked in cream and served cold. Very sweet indeed!
Ratalu Yam
Ratin Jot Alkanet root which is Beetroot coloured and used as a colour in Tandoor dishes.
Rawa, Rava, Suji Semolina
Rawas, Raavas Indian Salmon
Repti or Morrul Machli Sole fish
Rogan Josh A creamy and spicy 'Bright Red juice' meat dish from Northern India.
Roomali Roti A very thin but large roti (bread)
Roti General term for Indian unleavened breads
Roti Missy Multi grain basic flat bread
Ruh Gulab Rosewater (essence extracted from rose petals) normally used to give fragrance to sweets.
Rushbary Raspberry
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