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Glossary of Indian Food Terms (S-U)

Saag, Sag Generic term for green leaf vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens or fenugreek leaves
Sabe, Seb Apple
Sabji, Sabzi, Subzi Vegetable (generic)
Saboodana, Sabudana, Saboo Daana Tapioca, Sago
Sabut Whole
Sabut Masala Whole condiments
Sabut Moong Green Gram (whole)
Sabut Urad Black gram (whole)
Safed White
Safed Jeera White Cumin Seeds
Safed Mattar Dry white peas
Safed Mirch White pepper
Safed Rajma Alubia Beans, A type of Kidney Beans
Saijan ki Phali, Shinga Phali, Saijam ki Phali, Sejan ki Phali, Seeng Drumsticks (Vegetable)
Salad Ka Patta Lettuce
Sambar, Sambhah A south Indian vegetable broth/curry. Made largely from lentils
Samosa A triangular shaped deep fried meat or vegetable patti. A traditional Indian snack.
Sancha Mould
Santara, Santhra Orange
Saranga, Chandwa, Halva, Poplait Machli Pomfret Fish
Sares Gelatin
Sarson Mustard
Sarson Ka Saag Mustard leaves
Sarson Ka Tel Mustard Oil
Sarson Patta Mustard Greens
Sauf Aniseed
Saunf, Soonf Fennel
Saunth, Sonth Ginger (dried)
Seekh Minced meat or vegetables grilled
Seengre, Moongre Radish seed pods
Seesti, Sefakuss Sage
Sem Bean, flat green
Sev, Seviya, Seviyan, Semia Vermicelli
Shahad Honey
Shahtoot, Shehtooth Mulberry
Shaka Hari Vegetarian
Shakarkand Sweet potato
Shakkar, Chini Sugar
Shalgam Turnip
Shami Kebab Round minced meat rissoles
Shashlik Kebab Cubes of skewered meat
Shatwar, Sootmooli, Halyan Asparagus
Shevto Mullet fish
Shimla Mirch, Simla Mirch Bell peppers
Shingala Machli Catfish
Shingara Water Chestnuts
Shole Machli Murrel Fish
Shorba, Salan, Saalan Gravy of a curry (Stock, Soup)
Sil and Lodhi Mortar & Pestle
Sil batta Grinding stones
Sirka Vinegar
Soa Saag Dill weed
Sooar, Suar, Sooer ka Ghosht Pork
Sooraj-mukhi Sunflower
Sooran Elephant Yam
Sowa, Suwa Dill
Subja, Sabja Basil seeds
Sukha Narial Desicated Coconut
Supari, Chali, Chalia Betel nut
Surajmukhi Sunflower
Suran Yam
Suvabhaji Dillweed
Swaad Tasty
Taatri, Tatri Edible citric acid
Taaza Fresh
Tadka, Tarka Seasoning Onion, Garlic and Spices)
Taipal or jaiphal Nutmeg
Taj Patia, Tejpatta, Teg Patta Bay leaf. Used in many indian dishes for flavour/removed before consuming dish.
Talwarphalli Swordbeans
Tamarind, Imli A date-like fruit used both as a chutney and in cooking as a souring agent (Southern India)
Tamatar, Tamaatar Tomatoes (Ripe)
Tandoor Indian clay oven (drum shaped) that operates at very high temperatures (up to 600C)
Tandoori A method of Indian cooking (North-Western India) using a Tandoor Oven
Taraju, Taraazu Weighing scales
Tarbooj ke Beej Watermelon seeds
Tari A broth like curry
Tarka Dhal Cooked lentils and garnished with spices (Tarka)
Tawa, Tawa Heavy cast iron shallow frying pan for cooking Chapati or Dosa
Tel Oil
Tendli Gherkins
Thaali A stainless steel tray which holds the complete meal served in individual Katoris (bowls).
Thunda Cold
Tikka Skewered meat, chicken or seafood, marinated then tandoori baked.
Tikki Minced food Patty
Til Sesame
Tinda A vegetable of the cucumber family (Gentlemean's Toes)
Tindora, Tindla, Tondli Ivy Gourd
Toor Dal, Thoor Dhal, Toovar Yellow split peas (Pidgeon Peas) can also be Oily (Malawi)
Toovar Lilva Bean Seeds
Tukmeria, Tulsi Black seeds of a basil family plant which look like poppy seeds and are commonly used in drinks like Falooda
Tulsi, Tusci Basil
Turia, Tori Ridge gourd (Indian Courgette)
Tusli ke Patte Basil leaves
Udrak Ginger
Ukara rice Rice (parboiled)
Urad dal Chilka Black gram, split and with skin
Urid dal, Urad dal Dehusked black gram dal (Horsebean)
Urid dal, Urad dhal Black gram, split and skinless
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