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Glossary of Indian Food Terms (V-Z)

Vaal Field bean
Vanaspati Vegetable oil
Varak, Varq, Vark, Chandi Silver Leaves (edible) used to decorate Indian Sweets (Methi)
Vilaiti Jaun Oats
Vindaloo A fiery hot dish from Goa. Traditionally it was pork marinated in vinegar with potato. Also sometimes called Bindaloo or Tindaloo.
Xacutti A Goan dish using chicken and coconut.
Yakhini Soup or stock or gravy
Yakni Mutton
Zafran, Zafron Saffron
Zaiphal Nutmeg
Zamikand Yam
Zeera Cumin
Zetoon Ka Tel Olive Oil
Zetoon, Zaitoon Olives
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