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Healthy Indian Food

With Christmas over for another year and the annual over-indulgence season behind us, it is time to think about New Year's resolutions, with a healthier lifestyle near the top of the list for most. After piling on the pounds during the festivities, it may be time to start thinking about cutting out the junk and looking at healthier alternatives. However, getting healthy does not mean giving up one's favourite foods. On the contrary! Believe it or not, some delicious foods can be enjoyed while staying healthy and even losing a bit of weight. Indian food, for example, while often considered food that contributes to the waistlines of many, is not all saturated fats more-than-ideal calories. To prove our point, below we have listed a range of healthy Indian dishes that will tantalise the taste buds without being detrimental to the nation's waistline.

A delicious chicken curry can be low in fat and very tasty. Fry some onions and garlic in low calorie spray oil before adding some diced, skinless chicken breast meat. Add a teaspoon of ground coriander, 2 teaspoons of garam masala, and a half-teaspoon of dried mint. Add 200ml of water and cook until the chicken is tender. If the sauce is not thick enough, add a teaspoon of corn flour mixed with water. This delicious dish can be served with a small portion of rice for a scrumptious meal.

Vegetables are packed full of nutrients and are low in fat, making them ideal ingredients for delicious Indian meals. For this tasty treat, fry onion and garlic, again in low calorie spray oil. Then a choice of vegetables such as cauliflower, peppers, courgette, aubergine, baby corn, mangetout, and celery can be added, which are then covered with water and boiled. For an authentic Indian taste, add spices such as chilli powder, turmeric powder, and ground ginger. Some tomato puree and approximately 100g of split red lentils can also be included to the mixture. This curry is so full of delicious vegetables that it can easily be eaten on its own or, if preferred, with a small portion of rice or a little piece of naan bread.

A lentil dish is a fantastic alternative to meat - and it is extremely tasty. First, some onion and garlic needs to be fried in a little olive oil or low calorie spray oil. A chopped red pepper can be added and then a teaspoon of curry powder sprinkled over the ingredients. Throw in 200g of either green or brown lentils and cover with 700ml of water. Let the water come to the boil and then simmer for approximately 20 minutes or until the water has been absorbed by the lentils. Lastly add 100ml of light coconut milk and simmer for a few minutes before serving with a small piece of Indian chapati bread.

For a great low fat Indian meal, tandoori turkey is just the ticket. Dry dishes are generally lower in fat than other recipes and are delicious as well. Turkey is a very low fat meat so is ideal for those looking to shed the pounds. It is necessary to make a marinade for the meat, which is done by mixing 2 teaspoons of curry powder, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 1 teaspoon of garam masala, a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon of paprika, 1 teaspoon of grated ginger, 1 teaspoon of honey, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 200ml of plain yoghurt. Once all the ingredients have been combined in a bowl, add the turkey breast and cover the bowl with clingfilm. For a more flavoursome meal, slit the turkey before placing it in the marinade. Place in the fridge and leave it preferably overnight but at least for a few hours. The meat can then be dry-fried or cooked in the oven and served with a small portion of rice or a little piece of naan bread. This really is a tasty meal.

Indian cooking can be healthy and tasty. Typically, it is all the additives in ready meals that give the impression that Indian food is unhealthy. Cooking meals from scratch allows people to enjoy delicious Indian cuisine without the worry of putting on a few pounds.