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Recipe for Lemon Rice

Recipe for Lemon Rice

Recipe for Lemon Rice

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Lemon Rice is a south Indian dish, originally used to be prepared during special occasions as one of the items. But of late, as it's an easy to prepare and tasty recipe people have adopted this dish as their lunchbox items! Lemon Rice made from the left over rice is quite a popular thing - giving it a best flavour probably ;)



Preparation Time:


Cooking Time:



Oil - 2tbsp
 Mustard - ½ tsp 
 Chana Dal - 1 tsp 
 Blackgram - 1 tsp
 Asafoetida - ¼ tsp
 Curry Leaves - 6 to 8 leaves
 Groundnuts - ¼ cup
 Green Chillies chopped - 1 (adjust to taste)
 Grated Coconut - ½ cup
 Lemon - ½ squeezed
 Salt to taste
 Chopped Cilantro (Coriander Leaf) for garnishing
 Raw Rice - ½ cup


• Wash the Rice by changing water several times till the water appears clear. Then add 1 cup of Water to the Rice and cook in a pressure cooker till you get 3 whistles. Let it cool and open the cooker only after all the pressure is released.

• Meanwhile heat Oil in a pan, make the tempering by adding Mustard Seeds, Chana Dal, Blackgram, Asafoetida, Turmeric Powder, Green Chillies and Curry Leaves. Then add Groundnuts and fry for a while on low flame.

• Take off the heat and mix this with cooked Rice, sprinkle some Salt and grated Coconut also.

• Lastly add the Lemon Juice mix well and garnish with Cilantro!

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