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Lock and Lock Summary

Lock & Lock comparison table

These Lock & Lock containers have a variety of uses and in the table below we list a few ideas as to which container might suit the task in hand:
W x D x H (mm)
Example use:
HPL805180ml110x90x48100g ground spice
HPL806350ml137x104x53180g ground spice, 120g small whole spice (eg Onion Seeds, Cumin Seeds etc)
HPL807470ml137x104x70250g ground spice, 150g medium whole spice (eg Coriander Seeds etc)
HPL815550ml179x127x53100g large whole spice (eg Star Anise, Whole Mace, Birdseye Chillies etc)
HPL816800ml207x134x53400g of ground spice, 200g whole spice, small lunchbox
HPL808850ml137x104x120Ideal for Sauces, fresh foods, Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves etc
HPL8171000ml207x134x70500g Beans, up to 1kg Pulses, Dals
HPL8421000ml279x116x60This container has a 'fresh tray' so is ideal for storing portions of Meat, Bacon (about 16-20 rashers), Samosas, Salad items etc
HPL815D1100ml179x127x881kg Beans, Pulses, Dals etc
HPL8091300ml137x104x1851kg Beans, Pulses, Dals, Pasta
HPL8241600ml228x165x70Ideal for Sauces, leftovers or even as a small/medium lunchbox
HPL8131800ml152x107x179Approx 1.5kg Pulses, Dals, Beans etc
HPL8181900ml207x134x120Ideal for Fruit, Vegetables or small Bread box
HPL8192000ml137x104x284Rice, Beans, Pulses, Dals, Pasta, Spaghetti
HPL8442000ml280x115x113This container has a 'fresh tray' so is ideal for storing Fruit, Vegetables, Salad items etc
HPL8252300ml234x165x95Holds 2kg small pulses or dal, also ideal as a medium/large lunchbox
HPL813L2400ml151x108x252Holds 2kg beans or pulses
HPL8262600ml250x180x93Ideal as a large lunchbox
HPL8293900ml228x165x165Ideal for Fruit, Vegetables or Bread box
HPL9513900ml245x111x247Dispensing rice, beans, lentils, pulses, dals
HPL8365500ml292x225x120Also contains 'Fresh Tray' Large container ideal for Fruit, Vegetables or Salads
HPL8848000ml315x230x150Large 8 Litre Lock & Lock with blue 'Carry Handle' suitable for a wide range of uses

The above examples are 'approximations only' to give an idea of the capacity of each container. Bear in mind that bulkier items such as Beans consume slightly more volume than their Dal counterparts.