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Recipe for Moong Dal Dosa

Recipe for Moong Dal Dosa

Recipe for Moong Dal Dosa

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Moong Dal Dosa also known as 'Cheela' is a thin pancake made with Split Green Gram. This is a very nutritious and filling snack item. This Dosa is easy and quicker than the traditional Dosa that you get in restaurants. And once the Dosa is ready you can serve it with Aloo Masala or Pickle of your choice!


12 Dosas

Preparation Time:

About 5 hours

Cooking Time:

30 mins


Moong Dal or Split Green Gram washed - 2 Cups
 Green Chillies chopped - 2
 Ginger chopped - ½ inch
 Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
 Salt to taste
 Coriander Leaves (Cilantro) - ¼ Cup
 Oil - ½ Cup


• Wash the Moong Dal in Water several times until the Water appears clear.

• Soak Moong Dal in about 8 Cups of Water for at least 5 hours.

• Drain the Water. Grind together Moong Dal, Green Chillies, Ginger and Coriander Leaves (Cilantro) to make a smooth batter (add few spoons of Water while grinding).

• Add Salt and Cumin Seeds to this batter and mix well. The batter consistency should be similar to that of Pancake batter.

• Meanwhile heat a non-stick flat skillet on medium heat. Pour about half Cup of batter in the middle of the skillet and spread evenly in the circular motion using the back of a spoon (similar to pancake technique).

• When the batter starts to dry, spread about a teaspoon of Oil over the Dosa and wait for about 30 seconds. Then flip the Dosa with a spatula.

• Let the other side of the Dosa cook for about a minute. And once it becomes golden brown in colour its ready to hit the plate with some Aloo curry, Chutney of your choice or even Yogurt. You can also serve this folded with some grated Cheese. Yum yum isn't it?


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