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Recipe for Nutty Beans SaladClick image to enlarge

Recipe for Nutty Beans Salad

Recipe for Nutty Beans Salad

(Ref: RCP296)

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Nutty Bean Salad is a colourful healthy Salad with a combination of Beans, Greens and Nuts. The best part of this cold salad is you can get the ingredients ready and refrigerate it beforehand. You can serve as and when required with some seasoning - this makes your life so simple isn't it?



Preparation Time:

5 min

Cooking Time:

less than 10 mins


Kidney Beans (Rajma)- 1 Cup
 Cowpea (Lobia) - 1 Cup
 Sweetcorn - ½ Cup
 Capsicum finely chopped or shredded - 1
 Red Bell Pepper finely chopped or shredded - 1
 Red Onions finely chopped - 1
 Walnuts crushed - 5
 Black Olives sliced - 2 tbsp
 Feta Cheese or Paneer - 1 tbsp
 Lemon juice for garnishing
 Salt to taste
 Olive Oil - 1 tbsp (Optional)
 Coriander leaves / Cilantro chopped for garnishing


• Boil Kidney Beans, Cowpea and Sweetcorn separately and keep aside.

• In a large bowl, mix together all the beans. To this add the Onions and Peppers and blend well.

• Then add the Olives, Walnuts and Cheese.

• Add the Salt and Lemon juice and mix well. At this stage you could also add Olive Oil and toss it.

• Top this with fresh Coriander Leaves.

• Serve this Salad with some toasted bread + Peanut butter and juice!

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