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Recipe for Paratha

Recipe for Paratha

Recipe for Paratha

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Paratha is Indian flat Bread made from whole Wheat Flour. It can be a plain Paratha or a Stuffed Paratha, with stuffing being any Vegetable or Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese).

Here is the recipe for plain Paratha - It's generally triangular in shape with layers of Flour cooked with Ghee or Oil depending on your choice.



Preparation Time:


Cooking Time:



Whole wheat flour - 1 cup
 Water - ½ cup 
 Oil or Ghee - 4tsp 
 Dry wheat flour to roll - ½ cup
 Pinch of salt


• Place Flour and Salt in a bowl and mix well with hands. Add little Water at a time and mix well to form smooth soft dough. Knead the dough well and keep it covered for at least 10 minutes.

• Meanwhile heat the skillet.

• Divide the dough into 6 equal parts. Roll the dough into a circle shape, about 3 inch diameter. Spread around ¼ tsp of Oil and fold the circle into half, then again spread a drop of oil fold this into half to form a triangle (at this stage, from a circle, you would end up with a quarter of a circle).

• Roll this triangle in dry wheat flour and slightly press it. Then start rolling on a clean surface, to about 6 inches in diameter.

• Place this Paratha over a hot skillet. When you notice small bubbles or Paratha puffs with slight change in colour as well, turn the Paratha on other side.

• This side of Paratha should have golden brown spots. Wait for few seconds and spread about ½ tsp of Oil or Ghee.

• Flip the Paratha and lightly press the edges of the Paratha with a spatula - this helps the Paratha to puff completely.

• Flip again and press with a spatula making sure that both the sides are golden brown in colour and cooked well.

Serving suggestions: Paratha is generally served with any gravy/dry vegetable.

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