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Recipe for Puran Poli

Recipe for Puran Poli

Recipe for Puran Poli

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Puran Poli is a popular sweet dish known in Southern states of India. This is made during festivals like Holi or any special occasions. Making this dish is something similar to any stuffed paratha. Stuffing varies from Lentil-Jaggery or Coconut-Jaggery with other condiments. Traditionally Puran Poli is served with Ghee and sweetened Milk or Milk flavoured with Almonds, Pistachio!



Preparation Time:

15 mins

Cooking Time:

60 - 90 mins


For the Dough
 Maida/All Purpose flour - 1 Cup
  Pinch of Turmeric Powder
  Pinch of Salt
 Ghee - 2 tsp
 Oil for frying and 6 tbsp of Oil for mixing
 For the filling
 Bengal Gram - 1¼ Cup
 Jaggery - 1½ Cup
 Cardamom Powder - ¼ tsp


• Mix the Flour, Ghee, Turmeric Powder, Salt in a thali. Add little Water at a time and mix well, knead to make smooth dough.

• Keep this covered under a wet cloth for about 45 minutes. Then knead again.

• To this add 6 tbsp of Oil and knead well till it is absorbed. Cover and keep it aside for about 4-5 hours.

• Pressure cook Bengal Gram Dal till it is well cooked. Open the cooker after all the pressure is released and drain the excess Water from the Dal.

• To this add the Jaggery and Cardamom Powder and mix well on low heat. Mash the paste using a Potato masher.

• The filling should not be watery. Take off from heat once everything has blended well.

• Make small balls of the filling and keep them on a plate.

• Divide the dough into equal balls and flatten them.

• Keep one ball of filling on the dough and pull the dough from all sides to cover over and seal the filling.

• Carefully roll out this dough, take care so that the filling does not come out.

• Cook on the tava on medium heat. Pour some Oil and flip and cook till golden brown in colour on both the sides.

• Repeat the above steps with the remaining dough and the stuffing.

• Serve hot with Ghee and Milk.

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