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Green Mangoes / Raw Mangoes - 500g

Green Mangoes / Raw Mangoes - 500g

Green Mangoes / Raw Mangoes - 500g

(Ref: FFV022x)

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In parts of India you will find Green Mangoes sold by street traders with sugar and salt and/or Chilli.

It is also very common to pickle green mango slices.

Price per portion is for 500g which is normally 4-Mangoes per portion but can vary week to week.

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Suggested recipe - Stuffed Mango Pickle:


50 small green mangoes
6 cups Salt
500g Oil
15g Asafoetida
50g Turmeric
5 tbsp Fenugreek
14 tbsp Mustard seeds
16 tbsp Chilli powder (or to taste)


1. Cut the washed Mangoes into four, almost all the way down, leaving the seeds.

2. Stuff each mango with salt and keep under heavy weights for 4 days. Carefully turn the Mangoes over each day.

3. Grind the mustard seeds and fenugreek together.

4. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the asafoetida, turmeric, fenugreek, mustard seeds and chilli powder for 5 minutes. Remove the spice mixture from the oil.

5. Remove the seeds from the mangoes, stuff each Mango with the spice mixture.

6. Arrange the Mangoes in a sterilised jar and cover the mangoes with oil.

Ready to eat in about 1 month!
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