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Far Eastern Odyssey - Rick Stein

Far Eastern Odyssey - Rick Stein

Far Eastern Odyssey - Rick Stein

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Pagination:320 pages, colour photographs
Dimensions:251 x 194 mm, 1250 grams
Country of Pub.:UK
Pub Date:23/07/2009


'Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey' is a culinary journey in search of the authentic food of Southeast Asia, avoiding the beaten track and tourist hot-spots.

In this tie-in book to the major BBC series, Rick shares his favourite recipes and some well-known classic dishes inspired by the fragrant ingredients and recipes he sampled from local chefs, family-run restaurants, street vendors and market stalls.

In Cambodia, Rick learns how to make a national dish Samlor kako, a stir-fried pork and vegetable soup flavoured with an array of spices, and the most famous dish in the country, Fish Amok, made with lemongrass and coconut.

In Vietnam he tracks down the best recipe for Pho Bo, the famous Vietnamese beef noodle soup;

In Thailand, Rick tries Geng Leuong Sai Gung Lai Sai Bua, a yellow curry made with prawns and lotus shoots that has never been tasted outside the country until now, as well as the iconic hot and sour Tom Yum Goong.

In Bangladesh he samples Jhol, a light fish stew, before travelling on through Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia, where he enjoys and show us how to make an array of inspired dishes.

'Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey' includes over 150 new recipes from Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, each complemented by Rick's colourful anecdotes from the trip and beautiful on-location photography. This is a visually-stunning culinary tribute to Southeast Asian cooking that evokes the magic of bustling markets, the sizzle of oil and the aromatic steam of a Far Eastern kitchen.
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