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How to shop at Spices of India

Shopping with us is just like shopping in a conventional supermarket. Simply locate the products you want, add them to your basket and then proceed to the checkout to make payment.

We will deliver the products, very carefully wrapped and in some cases chilled, direct to your door. Delivery within the UK is normally 2-business days but you can optionally select next business day for a small additional fee.

At the moment we only despatch Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Sweets on a Tuesday for delivery before the weekend. Some fresh produce, such as Paneer, are already despatched 4-days a week. When ordering Fresh produce we recommend you select next-day delivery so that they arrive in best condition.

The 6-stages of shopping with us are:
  1. Locate items
  2. Add items to basket
  3. View/Modify Basket
  4. Checkout
  5. Email Confirmation from us
  6. Delivery to your door
Special Promotions

Where we run a special promotion, such as "Buy-1-get-1-free", it operates the same way as a conventional supermarket. Ie. You need to add 2-items to your basket to get 1 free. If you turned up at the checkout at a supermarket with just 1-item you wouldn"t take the second one home free...

  1. Locate Items

  2. You can easily locate products on our site in 3-different ways:

Locate products using 'Quick Search', 'Advanced Search', or through the Menu system...

    1. Quick Search
      1. Enter the word or words to locate the product and click the "Go" button
      2. If too many products are listed, or no products at all, try changing the search term
      3. From the "Search Results" page, click the product item you are interested in.
      4. You will now see the main product page for the item selected. From here you can enter the quantity and select the "Add to Basket" button to add items to your basket.
    2. Advanced Search
      1. Here you can search for items by name and/or brand.
      2. Enter the word or words and/or select the brand from the drop down list and click the "Search" button
      3. If too many products are listed, or no products at all, try changing the search term
      4. From the "Search Results" page, click the product item you are interested in.
      5. You will now see the main product page for the item selected. From here you can enter the quantity and select the "Add to Basket" button to add items to your basket.
    3. Menu
      1. Select the category you expect to find the item in. For example, Asafoetida is a Ground Spice so here you would select "Indian Spices (Ground)"
      2. Products are grouped in pages of 10 products per page and are organised alphabetically
      3. Use the page numbers and Next, Previous links at the top and bottom of the pages to navigate to the product you are looking for
      4. When you find the product in question you can view extended information about the product by clicking its image and/or you can add to basket by entering the quantity and clicking the "Add to Basket" button next to the product

      Bear in mind that some products may not always be in the section you might expect to find them. If in doubt, use one of the Search methods described above to locate the products. If still no joy – send us an email asking about availability…

  1. Add items to Basket

  2. To put items in your basket, simply type in the quantity required and click the 'Add to Basket' button:

    Add products to Basket...
  3. View/Modify Basket

  4. You can always view the contents of your basket by selecting the 'View Basket' from the top menu on every screen:

    View the Basket...
    1. Change Quantities

    2. When viewing the Basket you can change the quantities by simply overtyping the 'Quantity' Fields and clicking the 'Update' button:
    Change item quantities...

    1. Remove Items from Basket

    2. You can also simply remove items from your basket by checking the 'Remove' flag and clicking the 'Update' button:

    Remove Items from basket...

    1. Checkout

    2. To proceed to Checkout, click the 'Checkout' option at the top of each page or select the 'Checkout now' button on the 'View Basket' page:

    Proceed to Checkout...
      1. Select Shipping Destination

      2. Select your Country and Region from the drop-down lists. Within the UK you should select Scottish Highlands if your postcode is one of those listed below the country/region lists:
    Enter your shipping Destination...

      If you want to ship to your work address or maybe if you're sending a Gift to someone - you should select the '...address other than the invoice address...' box. You will then be prompted to enter a second address for delivery purposes.

      Select 'Next' to continue...

    1. Enter Invoice Address

    2. Enter the address where the credit/debit card is registered, your phone number and email address:

    Enter your Invoice Address...

      Scroll down the page, Read the Terms and Conditions and then click the 'I accept the Terms and Conditions' box.

      Select the 'Class' of service. In the UK you have the choice of 24 and 48-hour service and also 'Collect by Customer'. If you live locally to Spices of India you can select 'Collect by Customer' which allows you to come to our Warehouse and collect rather than paying any P&P fees.
    Accept Terms and Conditions and select shipping class...

      Select 'Next' to continue...
    1. General Information

    2. Please complete the following fields to help us with our Marketing and keeping the website up to date.

    Enter general Information...

      Select 'Next' to continue...

    1. Secure Payment Page

    2. On this page you will see the Golden Padlock which indicates the transaction is 100% secure. We use the latest 128-bit encryption between your computer and the Banks computers which guarantees your credit card detaills are 100% secured. We use Protx and Lloyds Bank for our credit card handling - both highly reputable institutions. Enter your details as required by the bank:

    Enter Credit Card Details...

      Select 'Proceed' to make payment...

    1. Email confirmation from us

    2. As soon as your payment is cleared, which is usually a few seconds, we send an automated email to you with full details of the transaction including the line items, delivery address and courier selection. We try to despatch your order the same working day (if received before 3pm).

    3. Delivery to your door

    4. The next you will hear from us is a courier knocking on your door with your carefully packed parcel. Please ensure to check the contents and sign for delivery.

      And finally...


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